Van & Truck Locksmith

Van And Truck Locksmith

Are you locked out of your truck or van? Have you lost your keys or has a key broken? All of these unfortunate scenarios can easily happen at any moment and this is when you need a reliable and efficient van and truck locksmith. Auto Keys Direct has been in the business of fixing vehicle lock problems for many years and we operate throughout Hampshire. We can arrange for a new set of keys or we can reprogramme your key fob when needed. The latest complex locks require both skill and experience and it is often no longer a case of merely cutting a new key. We have the equipment to gain access to all kinds of truck and van locks. So, if you are searching for locksmith van and truck set up services, have a look at our website where you can view the extensive locksmith services we have to offer.

If you have damaged a key or it has broken in the lock, Auto Keys Direct can deal with the situation. There are a number of common dilemmas that can arise with van and truck keys. The keys can snap, keys can get stuck in the ignition and keys can wear out through long use. We can programme key fobs and fix transponder keys. We also cut standard car, van and truck keys and our locksmiths are available 24 hours a day. So, if an emergency arrives just as you reach home after a long day at work, we can be there within 30 minutes to secure your truck or van.

Can I Find A Locksmith For A Truck or Van Near Me?

If you live in the Hampshire area then the answer is a simple yes. Auto Keys Direct is based at Waterloovile but covers the whole of the Hampshire area including the towns of Gosport, Southsea, Havant and Stockheath. We can supply an emergency locksmith to deal with your truck or van lock problem no matter what time of day it occurs. WE are always ready to give you the reliable service just when you need it most. As a business of long standing in the Portsmouth area, we are proud of our reputation for friendly and efficient service. Broken truck keys or a key jammed in the lock of a van can not only be a source of irritation but can cost you money if your own business suffers delays. We can help to prevent this from happening by fixing your truck and van key and lock problems.

You can find out more about how we can help to solve your truck and van key problems by ringing either 07973 313 935 or 02392 268 968. Or, you can send an email for a quick quote to We are happy to give advice and will be able to solve your auto key problems swiftly and safely.